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Pulse Wave Frequency Meter - LCF 3388
  • Three channels;
  • With high precision measurement capability of continuous wave, pulse wave frequency, period, pulse width, duty ratio;
  • Abundant triggering ability and external trigger function, the frequency in pulse can be selected to measure.
  • With RS-232C, functions can be programme-controlled;
  • A measurement can display various parameters which can be selected freely;
  • The big screen of 5.7 inches of TFT true color display, 640 480dot matrix;
  • External / battery dual power, AC/DC, battery working time 4H;
  • Hand held, small volume, light weight, sturdy appearance;
  • Statistical operation: average, maximum, minimum, and maximum absolute deviation, single absolute deviation, relative deviation, Allen variance, standard deviation, mean square root;
Item Model LCF 3388
Channel 1; Channel 2 Measure Frequency Range 0.01Hz ~ 225MHz
Time Interval 5ns ~ 10000s
Range of cumulative count Counting Capacity 1 x 10¹5
Dynamic Range Sine wave: 30mVrms ~ 1.5Vrms
Pulse wave: 120mVp-p ~ 4.5Vp-p
Accuracy Frequency measurement accuracy: (± 1 ns/gate-time ± time base error) x input frequency
Among which, time base erro: ±3 x 10-9 / day (or 3.5 x 10-14/s)
Time interval measurement accuracy: 1ns time base error x the measured time interval
Resolution Resolution of frequency measurement: 0.1ns/gate-time x input frequency
Resolution of time interval: 0.1ns
Channel 3 Input impedence 50Ω
Range of frequency measurement 200MHz ~ 3GHz;
Dynamic range Sine wage: -17dBm ~ +13dBm
External Input impedence > 1K
Trigger input Input level TTL;
Pulse width > = 200ns;
Internal time base Frequency 10MHz
Stableness 3 ± 10-9 /day (or 1 x 10-9 /day)
FSB Scale input Frequency 10MHz
Range 3.3V Logic Level
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